iPod shuffle + Super Hook

January 10, 2014

Check out these iPod Accessories images:

iPod shuffle + Super Hook
iPod Accessories
Image by summerwind

iPod Power Adapter – Sold Separately
iPod Accessories
Image by rbieber
Kudos to Apple for getting an even larger share of my wallet. When you buy an 80G iPod, the only way you can charge it is through your PC. In order to charge via AC power (say when your getting ready to travel and will not be taking your home machine with you), you have to spend another on a USB Power adapter. These use to come WITH the unit.

Griffin iPod Charger
iPod Accessories
Image by Josh Bancroft
A better deal than the Apple power brick, which doesn’t even come included with the new iPods, because this one from Griffin includes a cable, and the one from Apple doesn’t.

Kevin said he picked this up at Best Buy for , which makes it an even better deal.

I tested it, and the USB connection does power my Samsung i730 Pocket PC Phone with my mini-sync cable, so I might have to pick up one of these as an all around gadget travel charger.

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