New iPhone to have 5-inch Screen?

August 26, 2015


A new report suggests that the guys at Apple are planning to up the screen size of at least one iPhone model again, following a similar strategy last year. An insider within Foxconn has tipped a 5-inch iPhone that will launch this year, and considering that is from Apple’s chief manufacturer then it is plenty interesting. However, a pinch of salt should be taken until something more concrete is released.

Last year Apple released the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, finally caving in on an old Steve Jobs ethos that smartphones with large screens were, well stupid. It was a wise move in the end as although Jobs was proved wrong the company won big with massive record sales, revenue, and profit.

So, which iPhone launching next month will the 5-inch display be on? The most likely is of course the flagship iPhone 6s, although there is the chance that the rumored iPhone 6c could get the panel. We will find out in September when Cupertino reveals its new smartphones.

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