Pokémon Go’s Buddy System is now rolling out – here’s what it looks like

September 19, 2016


Get ready to pick a favourite Pokémon as the Buddy System has started to be rolled out to Pokémon Go users.

It was revealed earlier this month that the next update for the ridiculously popular app from Niantic would see you be able to bond with a Pokémon of your choice, allowing them to follow alongside you to earn some candy as you walk with them.

You can only have one Poké-buddy at a time though and there is a limit to the amount of candy it can win each day. From the looks of early screenshots posted by a Reddituser with the update, your buddy appears on your avatar screen and always on the bottom left of the game’s screen.

However, if you choose to change your pal, which you can do at any time, any progress with that Pokémon will be erased.


The latest update will also make it easier to select smaller Pokémon on the screen and fixed the issue where eggs would sometimes hatch without displaying the animation. Switching networks on your device no longer causes the app to stop updating, either.

In other words, get ready to become even more obsessed with the game that has been downloaded by 130 million people all over the world. The Buddy System might even lure back some of the 15m trainers who have quit the app since the height of its popularity.

And if taking over phones everywhere wasn’t enough, Apple revealed at last week’siPhone launch event that Pokémon Go will be available for the next generation Apple Watch.

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