You Might Want to Hold Off on Buying That iPad Until After Oct. 22

October 10, 2013

mac mini set up
MAC mini
Image by marzbars
On of the main reasons I decided to purchase this mac mini was that I can use it as a media center. So this is my current set up. I’m moving out at the end of this month, so I’ll update the photo with a new one with hopefully a bigger and better hdtv. See notes for details.

What else could a girl ask for in terms of technology? ?

You Might Want to Hold Off on Buying That iPad Until After Oct. 22

MAC mini
It's expected to show off its next-generation iPad and iPad mini, which means that now would be about the worst time to buy a new one of either. The current models will immediately drop in value when the new ones come out. The company may also unveil a …

Intel Mac Mini
MAC mini
Image by ntang
My Intel-powered Mac Mini Core Duo, running Gentoo Linux (2006.0). It’s got a wireless keyboard and mouse hooked up to it (not pictured).

The Real Mac Mini

MAC mini
On numerous occasions, I've thought about going on eBay and picking up an original Macintosh, just so I could have one in my office? But I always talk myself out of it because I don't really have the desk space for what amounts to a museum piece. Now …

Mac Mini Setup
MAC mini
Image by Cristiano Betta
I was able to get a pretty cheap 17" Samsung SyncMaster 740N for just £40 so I decided to hook it up to my Mac Mini for when my Macbook is at the shop for repairs or for when my mother comes over next week.

Apple Quietly Raises Prices of Mac Mini Models in Multiple Countries

MAC mini
After announcing a refresh to its line of iMacs earlier this week, Apple has quietly increased the prices of all Mac mini configurations in multiple countries, including Australia, Brazil, and Malaysia, reports 9to5Mac. In Australia, the prices of the …

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