How to make your own ‘Han Solo frozen in carbonite’ fridge

August 30, 2016

Growing up, I can remember spending a lot of time thinking about what it would be like to be frozen in carbonite, the way Han Solo was after being betrayed by Lando on Bespin in The Empire Strikes Back. I never imagined it might feel like you were a fridge, but a new video on Adam Savage’s Tested YouTube channel has me thinking differently.

The concept of the video is simple enough: Can you turn a standard, boring fridge into a faithful homage to Han locked within the bizarre transportation material from the Star Wars universe? Turns out you can – or you can if you’re Frank Ippolito, movie prop maker. Normals can probably manage as well, depending on their level of patience and comfort level with tools.

The key ingredients in the build are full-scale replicas of Solo in carbonite, complete with his agonized grimace, so that you can use that to build a silicone model. Gray paint lends the metallic finish, and Ippolito even goes the extra mile to add lighting effects on side panels attached to the fridge, as well as a pulsing red glow across the figure to mimic the special effects used in the Return of the Jedi when Han is finally freed from his living tomb.

My fridge could use an update, but I might just opt for a new stainless steel one instead.


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