November 5, 2016

smart community homekit apple explainer

California based builder KB Homes is using smart home technology to help sell its houses. And the company has built an entire community where each home is fully equipped with Apple HomeKit package. The Promenade at Communications Hill is just 20 minutes southeast of Silicone Valley and features a model home that features Homekit compatible locks, lights, and thermostats.

HomeKit is a Apple iOS based software platform that creates a set of rules for your smart devices and connects them to the users Apple device such as an Iphone or Ipad. The mobile device communicates with the smart device using these rules to control them through the Apple based application or Siri voice commands.

While this is the first community to be built around the Apple Homekit, it isn’t the first real estate venture into using smart technology. Earlier this year, Coldwell Banker started selling smart home staging kits to help sellers make their listings and showings more appealing to buyers. Studies are showing that more and more Americans view smart home tech as a sign that a house is move-in ready. Analysts are projecting huge growth in the area of people who consider smart home technology a must have in their new home.

KB’s smart homes will come with a pretty price tag to match all the fancy gadgets they boast. The homes will feature smart locks, lights, thermostats, and ceiling fans. They will also include an Apple TV and an iPad that will control everything. Finally, there is a complimentary concierge service that will help you navigate your new smart home.

All this comes at a cost, starting in the low $900,000 range for a 3 story, 4 bedroom townhouse. Bare in mind, this is in California, where real estate doesn’t come cheap regardless.

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