Google Bringing HTTPS to all Blogspot Domain Blogs

August 30, 2016


Google wants to make your blog more secure with automatic switch to HTTPS for all blogspot domains. So far this feature was available to Google bloggers optional, but now each domain will be automatically updated to HTTPS, says the official Google blog.

As part of this launch, we’re removing the HTTPS Availability setting. Even if you did not previously turn on this setting, your blogs will have an HTTPS version enabled.

The new feature is HTTPS Redirect and it will automatically redirects every user to a more secure version of a blog, even if it is HTTP Address. Google informs that may arise some problems in displaying the content in some of the blogs after the introduction of this functionality.

The company, of course, will help them to restore normal operation of blogging through a tool that will warn them in advance if something go wrong. The main reason is all we to surfing much safer blogs.

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