Google is rolling out a fix for those Home-related Wi-Fi issues

January 18, 2018

In the latest of a recent spate of bugs plaguing Google’s most recent hardware offerings, a number of Home and Chromecast users have been reporting issues around their devices’ Wi-Fi connectivity this week.

Google has since acknowledged the issue on its support page, noting that “In certain situations, a bug in the Cast software on Android phones may incorrectly send a large amount of network traffic which can slow down or temporarily impact Wi-Fi networks. The specific impact to the network will vary depending on the router.”

The company will be offering a fix for the issue, which is set to start rolling out to its devices via a Play services update starting tomorrow.

Initial reports appeared to center around TP-Link’s popular line of routers, and the networking company has since issued a firmware fix along with a stop gap, telling users to reboot their router or “try disabling the ‘Cast’ feature on your Android device to help mitigate the issue until an update is released to permanently fix this issue on the device itself.” The issue appears to be even more widespread, however, impacting other popular wireless names like Netgear and Linksys.

Google, similarly, is suggesting users try to reboot their handsets and check for a router firmware upgrade in the meantime.

The bug appears to be a minor one, but it’s the latest in a line of recent issues that have been hitting a number of Google-branded hardware devices, including the Pixel 2, Home Mini and Pixel Buds.

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