HP Presented new super

August 30, 2016


HP released the brand new notebook with copper-accented elements named Spectre 13. Along with it debuted their new impressive minimalist and modern HP logo. The American company work on its rebranding since 2008 with company Moving Brands and today they can enjoy the product of their long work, which from now on will represent consumer devices of HP.

Spectre 13 impresses not only because of the new logo, but also because of its thickness of just 10.4 mm. It is the thinnest laptop, created by large-scale producers. It is thinner than the Apple’s MacBook (13,2 mm) largely an attempt by HP to create a MacBook Air with a modern look and attractive design. You will not find big promises and solutions such as 4K display, no detachable or twisting body or touchscreen.

Display of Spectre is 13.3 inches, with 1080p HD resolution. Under the hood, the base model you will find 8 GB RAM, 256GB of memory and processor Core i5 or i7, not a typical choice for laptops in this class, which usually rely on Core M series.

The thin battery provides work of about 9.5 hours on a single charge – not bad performance compared to MacBook Air, whose battery lasts 12 hours.

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The goal with the HP Spectre 13 is to bring to market a laptop with premium quality and vision. The body is made of dark gray aluminum and lightweight carbon fiber on the bottom also there’s a large bronze piece along the edge for contrast.

Big Highlight of design, according to the company, Pre-orders for Spectre 13 began on April 25th at a price of $1,169.99. It’ll begin shipping sometime in May.

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