Samsung's Next VR Headset May Be Called Odyssey VR

August 30, 2016


Recently the South Korean giant Samsung has revealed that it is preparing a new headset for virtual reality, to compete with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. About the new device is not know much, except that it will support positional tracking, high quality graphics and can be used without any connection to another device.

Now we know the likely name of the headset and it comes from a request for trademark made by the manufacturer.

The company has registered three logos in his native South Korea, one of which depicts the name Odyssey VR. The other two did show separately the two words – Odyssey and VR. In the description of the trademark refers to “headset for virtual reality and gaming software and virtual reality”, which also suggests that these logos refer to the mysterious headset.

Samsung currently produces Gear VR, which requires smartphone of the users to be placed in the viewfinder to become a screen for the headset.

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