Answer: Don’t Be Stupid game impractically expects just that

January 8, 2015

Answer: Don’t Be Stupid is a game that makes you feel ever so slightly, well, stupid. That’s because it’s based off of simple math problems most of us learned in the first grade. However, when put in this format, it’s not so easy. The objective is to determine if the number on the left is less than, equal to or greater than the sum of the numbers on the right as quickly as possible. If you’re not quick enough, you lose. If you’re wrong, you lose. Time to recharge that brain with fast-moving numbers. The game is free for iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 7.0 or later.

In every round, a blue box holding a random number is steadily in place on the left. A mathematical expression slides in on the right in its own box, creeping closer to the other number. Before the two boxes touch, you must use the three buttons below: the less-than symbol, the equal symbol or the greater-than symbol. Tap these in accordance with the numbers and expressions and how they relate to each other.

Don’t worry, the expressions don’t get too out of hand. For instance, if the number in the blue box is nine and the expression is eight plus one, tap the Equal button. The game is in a constant rapid fire mode, so there’s no time to pause and celebrate each time you finish. After the first level, you’re on to the next.


As Answer progresses, it gets more difficult. The expression on the right starts sliding at a faster pace giving you less time to choose the correct answer. The numbers get more complex, too, growing larger and eventually broadening to include all integers rather than solely natural numbers. This means you might come across some negatives.

I have yet to get far enough to see if Answer transitions into harder problems like multiplication or division. There’s some subtraction at times, but my suspicion is that it doesn’t go beyond that based on the app description stating it’s for “practicing addition.”

Answer has two modes to boot: Normal and Hard. The Hard difficulty seemingly just starts off on a similar intensity to when Normal is about 25 levels in. Math was always a pretty strong subject for me in school, but don’t let that fool you. The “Don’t Be Stupid” slogan in the title gets somewhat challenging to fulfill. To score well, you have to act quickly, wisely and under pressure.

The game integrates with Game Center to store your rankings and unlock badges for each level you pass. You won’t find a multiplayer mode, in-app purchases or settings. Down the road, it might be nice to have modes for multiplication, division and other kinds of math so Answer can train your brain to learn more than just addition.


Answer is a fun title that simultaneously gets easier and harder the more you play. The levels get more difficult, but it really does train your brain to respond quicker and with the correct answers. “Fun” and “educational” are two concepts that don’t always coexist, but Answer: Don’t Be Stupidaccomplishes just that. Get it in the App Store for free.

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