Apple hires former Amazon Fire TV chief, Netflix exec to head Apple TV business

February 23, 2017


As it continues to focus on the evolution of the Apple TV, Apple has reportedly hired the former Amazon Fire TV head, Timothy D. Twerdahl. According to Bloomberg, the former Amazon executive will head up the Apple TV business, freeing up other executives to spearhead different efforts.

Apple confirmed the hire to Bloomberg, saying that Twerdahl joined the company earlier this month. Twerdahl, who had been at Amazon since 2013, will report to Apple VP Greg Joswiak.

Today’s report also notes that the hiring of Twerdahl will free Pete Distad, who had occupied the role, to work on content deal efforts with Eddy Cue.

Prior to working on the Fire TV at Amazon, Twerdahl was an executive at Netflix and later a VP at Roku.

The hiring comes following Tim Cook speaking highly of the Apple TV during Apple’s most recent earnings call. The Apple CEO teased that the company has more features and updates in store for Apple TV, though he failed to offer specifics.

Cook explained that the cable industry is one that’s in the midst of a major shakeup, due in large part to the “breakdown of the cable bundle.”

“We started the new Apple TV a year ago, we’re pleased on how that platform has come along. We have more things planned for it, but it’s come a long way in a year, and it gives us a clear platform to build off of.”

Apple’s hiring of the former Amazon Fire TV head will likely be met with some doubt. The Fire TV wasn’t the most well-received product released in recent years. Apple has also battled with Amazon over selling the Apple TV on its website.

The hire, however, suggests that Apple is putting a renewed focus on the Apple TV, following suit with Cook’s recent comments. As for what will come of Twerdahl’s hire remains to be seen, but given Apple’s continued attitude of the Apple TV being the future, there are endless possibilities.

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