Apple makes an Android app — to help Android users switch to iOS

June 27, 2015


Android users who were waiting for bigger screens, smartwatch compatibility or a better virtual assistant before moving to iOS may now be looking to switch. And Apple is planning to make it easy for them.

“Move to iOS,” created by Apple, is an Android app that transfers contacts, message history, photos, video, mail accounts and other items stored on your phone to your new iOS device.  Apps that are free on the iOS store are suggested for download immediately, while paid apps are added to your iTunes Wish List.

The app is listed on the iOS 9 preview page. The new mobile operating system, which was announced today at WWDC, features an updated smart assistant that gives Siri features similar to the those announced for Android at Google I/O last month. The app isn’t currently listed on the Google Play store but will likely launch along with iOS 9 this fall.

Microsoft tried a similar approach a couple years ago with an app to help Android users shift to Windows Phone.

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