Apple’s iPhone 8 reveal may only be weeks away

September 14, 2017

Apple’s iPhone 8 might just be a few weeks away, as the company is reportedly due to hold a product launch on September 12.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is expected to announce the much-anticipated new model, along with the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus.

The new models of iPhone do usually come out around September time, and while Apple hasn’t confirmed when the iPhone 8 will actually be released, it seems unlikely that it would hold a product launch without the phone being ready to drop.

Plus, previous iPhone debuts have happened between September 8 and September 13.

This year will mark a decade since the very first iPhone launched, so Apple is expected to be pulling out all the stops for the iPhone 8 to mark the occasion.

The phone is reported to be getting even bigger than the 6/7 with an edge-to-edge display taking up almost the entire front of the phone (sorry, bezel fans).

The ‘home’ button is also hotly rumoured to be disappearing with this model. We’re not sure yet what this means for fingerprint scanning, but it’s unlikely that Apple will be getting rid of the popular feature.

All of this, plus rumoured face recognition technology – for the ‘low-low’ prince of around £1,000, if you intend to buy outright.

With the phone likely to drop soon after Apple’s product launch in a couple of weeks, it might be time to put aside that September pay cheque already.

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