Gather your memories: Keenai is a ‘one-stop’ solution to manage photos across devices

December 13, 2016


Ricoh Innovations has released Keenai, a new photo service designed to be a “one-stop” solution for organizing photos and videos across all of your mobile devices.

Even if you’re not a photographer, odds are you have at least a few cameras sitting around your house, either in the form of a smartphone, tablet, action camera, or the old point and shoot that’s wasting away in the closet.

Organizing all of the photos from those machines can be a pain. To fix that, Ricoh’s Keenai service hopes to streamline to process of photo organization and storage by automatically uploading all of your photos and videos to a centralized service that’s accessible from all of your devices.



For only $5 a month, Ricoh says it will automatically backup unlimited original resolution photos, including RAW images and 360-degree photos. Once backed up, an image recognition system will automatically tag the images, making searching for long-lost photos down the road much easier.


On smartphones and tablets, this is done through a dedicated application that’s available on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. On desktops, there’s an accompanying application that automatically imports photos when a camera or memory card is plugged in. If you happen to have a Wi-Fi-enabled camera or memory card (such as an EyeFi Mobi or Toshiba Flashair Wi-Fi SD card), you can directly upload images from your camera, saving you an extra step.


You can review all photos in your collection through the applications, as well as in a browser using Keenai’s web app.

You can find out more about Keenai and download the apps for your respective devices on the Keenai website.


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