Google Daydream View just dropped as a seriously cool fabric VR headset

November 17, 2016


Thanks to a bit of cleverly folded cardboard, Google has already made virtual reality available to the masses, but now the search giant is taking things to new, more robust levels.

Dropping its next portal into the virtual world, the search giant has unveiled its first serious virtual reality headset, the Daydream View.

An elegant rival to the likes of the Samsung Gear VR, the Daydream View VR headset plays nice with the company’s new Daydream virtual reality platform and will work with a new range of Daydream-compatible smartphones, starting with the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL.

Doing away with cardboard and plastic, Google has coated the Daydream View headset in fabric, giving it a more comfortable fit.


 There’s no need to fiddle around with cables or awkward connectors, either. The headset will connect with your phone wirelessly.

To start the sync up, all you need to do is slide your phone into the headset and pop it on your head. Magic. This isn’t passive VR either, the Daydream View comes with its own Daydream controller to let you interact with the virtual worlds around you.

Again shunning cables in favour of a fuss-free wireless world, the controller boasts a six-axis sensor, a touch pad and a couple of physical buttons to let you touch and manipulate objects around you.

Set to launch in November, UK pricing for the Daydream View headset has yet to be confirmed. Over in the US, however, it will set you back $79 (£62.05).

Dropping with a Slate finish on day one, Snow and Crimson fabric finishes will be introduced shortly after.

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