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May 20, 2014

Apple iPod Shuffle
iPod shuffle
Image by Spencer E Holtaway
Strobist: Not sure if the multiple exposure thing is allowed in this group, but I did use an off camera strobe to create this image ?

‘Light painted’ with multiple exposures, an SB-28 with about a foot-long cardboard snoot at different angles, then put together in Photoshop (one black layer, then lighten layers above that, with masking to pull all the right bits out..

Shot sitting on my black MacBook, curtains closed but still quite a small aperture to make the blacks really rich.

The iPod Shuffle: Kendrick Lamar's “Kurupted”

iPod shuffle
Apparently, the unreleased gem dates back at least three or four years, right when young K-Dot was growing out of his Lil Wayne phase and into his own. However, the real kicker is that this is actually a unique dedication to his big homie Kurupt. But …

iPod Shuffle
iPod shuffle
Image by marcopako 
Aunque algunos rumores apuntaban a que el iPod Shuffle iba a experimentar una actualización (algunos decían que iba a aparecer un modelo de 4 GB o incluso que el Shuffle iba a rediseñarse o hasta desaparecer), Apple ha decidido mantenerlo con la configuración y el diseño actual, aunque han decidido renovar los colores de nuevo.

El nuevo iPod Shuffle ya está a la venta y se entrega en un plazo aproximado de 24 horas. Si alguien pensaba que el Shuffle había muerto, parece que andaba equivocado, ya que Apple sigue teniendo planes para este pequeño reproductor. Personalmente creo que para los que escuchan pocas canciones o los que suelen hacer deporte mientras escuchan música, es el iPod ideal.

The iPod Shuffle: Jermaine Dupri & Jay-Z's "Money Ain't A Thang"

iPod shuffle
“Money Ain't A Thang” was released on this day in 1998 as the second single from JD's Life In 1472. Nothing abstract or avant garde or anything like that; “Money…” was rap at its flashiest. As is generally the case, an outstandingly triumphant beat …

iPod shuffle
iPod shuffle
Image by QuattroVageena

SoftBank 910SH

Company Update: Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) – Microsoft's Office for Apple's

iPod shuffle
… of multi-purpose tablets based on Apple's iOS Multi-Touch operating system; Mac, a line of desktop and portable personal computers; and iPod, a line of portable digital music and media players, such as iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, and iPod …

MP3 Players for the Gym

iPod shuffle
The newest iPod shuffle is the refinement of Apple's most iconic product ever and it is the best MP3 player on the market. Available in eight different colours, it stays true to the company's design language with a sleek, anodised aluminium body with a …

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