Lightweight Loplin Hood designed to shade your MacBook screen

November 28, 2014


Whether you’re tired of having those other people in the Starbucks sneaking a peek at your MacBook screen or just don’t like the glare and reflections that you get sometimes, a team from Germany has a possible solution for you on Kickstarter. Called the Loplin Hood, the campaign is for an ultra-lightweight hood that covers the sides and top of your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, attaching magnetically in a few seconds.


Weighing just 35 grams, the Loplin Hood uses soft, thin textile to shade the screen, has a self-supporting carbon fiber rod structure, and uses the magnets built into the MacBook to securely attach to the laptop. It will work with the 13- and 15-inch unibody MacBook Pro, as well as the 13-inch MacBook Air. Backers can expect to see their Loplin Hood sometime in April of 2015, and it appears that there will be a choice of colors — spring green (seen at top), dark cherry red, sea blue, and slate.

The team’s Kickstarter campaign just launched, so they’re only at about 2.8 percent of their goal at this early stage. US backers can get one for about $60 (shipping included). The Loplin Hood is certainly a unique Kickstarter project, and one that should attract the attention of anyone who uses a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air in bright sunlight or in a brightly-lit office.

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