Lurking Inside the iPad Is the Future of High-Def Displays

November 15, 2013

iPad as a Carputer
Image by Yutaka Tsutano
iPad’s connector is identical to the iPhone’s, so iPad works fine (except it doesn’t charge when iPad is running due to the higher current requirement). It means that I can control iPad using the steering wheel buttons.

I’m using MacBook Pro for a carputer with a touch screen, but it can be replaced with iPad which consumes a lot less energy and is a lot cheaper. All I need is an iPad mount on the dashboard.

Lurking Inside the iPad Is the Future of High-Def Displays

Luke Koo, senior manager of a team in Seoul that tears down devices for the IHS research firm, says IGZO-based displays made by Sharp are in at least some iPad Minis. Jennifer Colgrove, the lead analyst at Touch Display Research, also says Sharp is …

Image by Ben Atkin
My iPad Home Screen, after adding a web app designed for the iPad to it:

Apple iPad Air review: Thin, light and fast, but expensive

Apple's fifth-generation 9.7-inch iPad, the iPad Air, is a more svelte and speedier tablet than its iPad 4 predecessor. Prices range from £399 (inc. VAT, £332.50 ex. VAT) for the entry-level 16GB wi-fi-only model to £739 (inc. VAT, £615.83 ex. VAT) for …

iPad Workplace 2.0
Image by mbiebusch
iPad mounted on a Palm Touchstone (upside down)

Comparing the iPad mini with Retina Display with the Original iPad mini

The iPad mini with Retina Display is now available to be purchased, if you can get your hands on one. Supply constraints look to make this a challenging task throughout the holiday season. This new addition to the iPad family of Tablets brings with it …

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