New MacBook Pro 2013 Release Rumored, Buyers Take Note

September 28, 2013

Image by Alive Film
My new macbook!!

New MacBook Pro 2013 Release Rumored, Buyers Take Note

The new MacBook Pro 2013 model release date is rumored for October according to a new source which cites component makers readying for a MacBook Pro refresh from Apple which will help these companies increase sales. The news comes one day after …

MacBook Keyboard View
Image by jordanmerrick
As you can see, I’ve got a bit of a contrast scheme going on with the keyboard. The black keyboard came of a broken MacBook but the keys were still intact. I had to change every key. I left the alphabetical keys off as white as it highlights them more. This helps me with Ableton Live when I launch audio clips with the keyboard, I can instantly see the layout ?

Lenovo working on super-thin MacBook Pro with Retina Display beater

Lenovo is reportedly working on a super-thin 13-inch ultrabook with an extremely high resolution display, which could give the MacBook Pro with Retina Display something to think about. Chinese website Yesky is reporting that Lenovo is building a …

MacBook Pro late 2008 model
Image by christianrasmussen
A handful of people have bought the new MacBook or MacBook Pro model from October 2008 and brought them to the event to show off.

5 Hints the 2013 MacBook Air Gives About the 2013 MacBook Pro

Considered as one of the best line of notebooks around, people have always anticipated MacBook Pro releases. As Apple remains tight lipped about the product, the market current bases their expectations of the laptop on previous releases and company …

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