Police: iPad believed stolen was just misplaced

February 25, 2014

NASA use iPhone, iPad for launch pad control
Image by AndreasSchepers
NASA shows how they use the iPad and the iPhone to remote control a launch pad. A real one, for rockets…

Will post more information on this tomorrow…

Picture taken at SpaceOps2010 conference, Huntsville, Alabama

Police: iPad believed stolen was just misplaced

The post read "To the (expletive deleted) that stole an iPad in front of the Regal Auction House you should know this: it belonged to an autistic child and was this child's primary means of communicating with his family. May Karma and the law find you …

iPad Camera Connection Kit
Image by Yutaka Tsutano
Taken with iPhone and uploaded by iPad using iPad Camera Connection Kit.

It’s still buggy especially with HD movies, but amazing tool for photographers on the go. I hope Apple puts color calibration support for iPad’s beautiful IPS display.

Some non-camera USB devices are also supported. This tiny kit gives iPad a lot more potential.

The Epic App Brings Kids' Books To The iPad — And Makes Them More Fun, Too

A new startup called Epic! aims to finally bridge that gap by bringing a totally kid-friendly bookshelf and book reading experience to the iPad. Co-founded by online gaming veteran Suren Markosian and former YouTube exec Kevin Donahue, Epic is an …

Image by FHKE
iPad Display Item

WWE Network launches on iPhone, iPad & Apple TV, offering every PPV for

Signups are also available on the WWE website, and content can be streamed from a browser as well as the organization's official iOS app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The WWE Network runs $ 9.99 per month, plus applicable tax, and subscriptions are …

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