President Obama answers healthcare questions on cool iPad setup

August 26, 2015


President Obama this week used an iPad Air connected to an Apple Wireless Keyboard to answer questions from Twitter users about the Affordable Healthcare Act. Obama has previously been photographed with his iPad, and has been known to receive new models early from Apple.

The photo above, taken by The White House, shows Obama using his black iPad Air and the official Twitter app for iOS. A list of the questions he answered on the device — which weren’t all about the Affordable Healthcare Act — can be found on The White House Blog.

Although Obama isn’t allowed to use an iPhone for security reasons, his administration has long been using other Apple devices. The President revealed back in 2011 that he was one of the first people to receive an iPad 2, which was given to him early by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

According to reports, Obama uses the iPad to browse the web and access his emails, and to read his daily briefings.

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