Realmac’s Indiegogo campaign: Building a sustainable blogging service

February 3, 2015

Back in the early days of December 2014, TUAW ran a review of Typed (US$19.99), a very minimalist blogging app for OS X from Realmac Software that works with a number of blogging platforms including WordPress and Blogger. Now the company has launched an Indiegogo campaign for, billed as a “sustainable blogging service” that will be around for decades to come.

As you’ll see in the promo video below (featuring former TUAW blogger Nik Fletcher), the team was frustrated with the sheer variety and difficulty of using some of the common tools that were created for blogging. As a result, they created Typed. Now they’re planning on a hosting service that works with Typed to make perhaps the easiest blogging system ever.

The campaign launched today, and reached its $20,000 goal in hours. The campaign still has 24 days left, and you can pick up an Early Bird perk for $39. Spend $100, and you’ll get to beta the Typed service and get a year of service valued at $120.

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