The best Apple TV controllers for gaming

June 10, 2017

Your Apple TV comes with a Siri Remote, which you can use to control pretty much all of the device’s functions. It doesn’t look much like a games controller, but Apple insists that all games must be playable using the Siri Remote.

For lots of games, like Asphalt or Crossy Road, the Siri Remote will be just fine, but there are MFi (Made For iPhone) controllers available to connect to the Apple TV, and if you’re a serious gamer we’d strongly recommend you buy one.

These MFi controllers look more like videogame control pads, with sticks, triggers and multiple buttons. We recommend the best MFi game controllers for iPhone & iPad in a separate article.

An MFi remote will make complex games (especially shooters like Modern Combat) easier and more fun to play. And if you need something to play on your new gamepad, check out our picks of the best Apple TV games, and the best iOS games with MFi controller compatibility.

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