The Best PlayStation 4 Black Friday Deals

November 4, 2016


Do. Not. Buy. A new PlayStation 4 Slim console until Black Friday. Even if your old console is broken and busted, we cannot overstate enough how you really need to wait it out for a week. You can do it! Just about every major electronics chain as well as some unexpected outlets (like Kohl’s) will have deals on various PlayStation 4 Slim console bundles, most around $50 off.

Also, don’t buy any hot new game titles until next week either; hold off on FIFA 17, Uncharted 4, and any other number of blockbuster titles. Once again, just about all the major outlets are offering some heavy discounts on this season’s big new games.

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet been able to locate any Black Friday deals on the upgraded PS4 Pro$399.00 at Amazon or PlayStation VR$399.99 at Best Buy(our top choice for VR gaming), but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any last-minute surprises. Basically our advice is don’t buy any kind of electronics for another week. But as you start putting this year’s holiday gift list together, let this roundup of hot PlayStation deals be a good starting point.

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