This app notification is a new breed of obnoxious

December 29, 2014


If you’re a frequent downloader of apps, you’ve probably found plenty that needlessly pester you with useless notifications. From “Rate me!” pleas to self-promotion, these incessant interruptions are often intermixed with notifications you actually care about, making the all-or-nothing decision to deny the app its notification ability a tough one. That decision doesn’t seem to be so tough when it comes 8tracks, a music app that takes pestering to a whole new level of loathsome.

Redditor Grimtaves87 was met with this completely pointless notification from the well-reviewed free music app and took to Reddit to voice their displeasure. That sentiment was echoed by others, some of whom note that they disable notifications by default simply because too many apps push this kind of crap upon them. We’ve now gotten to the point where the apps seem to simply be mocking our dislike for needless nudges, and the trend shows no sign of slowing.

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