Tim Cook hints that fresh MacBooks are on the horizon

September 25, 2016


Last week saw the expected launch of the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2, as well as a couple of sneaky price changes from the Cupertino company.

What we didn’t see, though, was the much-rumoured MacBook refresh – leaving those in need of an OLED touch bar with heads in their hands.

But there is some cause for optimism despite the no-show, according to an apparent email exchange involving Apple CEO Tim Cook.

A disgruntled MacRumors reader, after seemingly being left crestfallen at the lack of Mac updates, naturally emailed the supremo about whether Apple is “pulling away from the Mac line”.

Cook’s reply?


“I love the Mac and we are very committed to it. Stay tuned.”

While there’s a very real possibility the exchange is fiction, MacRumors points out that it does appear to originate from Apple’s corporate servers, based on the full headers they received.

It wouldn’t be completely out of the question for Cook to directly respond to a quirky customer email in his spare time, though it’s also more likely that this was handled by Apple’s relations team.

While we’ll continue to heed Cook’s advice and stay tuned to all the latest MacBook developments, previous rumours have suggested that the new line will drop in October.

Time will tell what innovations the company has in its locker. Headphone port removal, anyone?

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