Win an Ollie, Sphero 2.0 or Darkside Ollie from TUAW and Orbotix

November 13, 2014


Sphero and Ollie from Orbotix have been TUAW favorites for quite a while — I mean, how can you not love fun and educational robots that are controlled and programmed from your favorite iOS device? Well, the good folks at Orbotix are making it easy for three lucky readers to pick up one of their products through a giveaway that will be running through 11 PM MST (10 PM PST) on November 30, 2014.


One winner is going to get a Sphero 2.0 (above), the latest iteration of the app-controlled ball that does it all! Valued at US$149.99, Sphero zips around at up to 4.5 mph, glows in a rainbow of colors, can be controlled via a huge and growing variety of apps, and even programmed through SPRK.


Want something with a bit more speed? One winner is going to get an Ollie (above) valued at $119.99. Ollie is the app-controlled robot driven by adrenaline and can speed around at up to 14 miles per hour! Built-in LEDs let you drive at night, and the Ollie app can give you the power to do insane tricks.


The last prize is a Darkside Ollie (that’s it in the photo above) valued at $149.99. Using Bluetooth LE for control up to 100 feet away, Darkside Ollie not only looks really cool, but comes with 2 nubby tires, 2 turbo tires, 2 prime hubs and 2 flux hubs. Like its sibling Ollie, Darkside Ollie can drive for over an hour on a full charge and can be programmed with MacroLab or OrbBasic on either your iPhone or iPad.

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