Apple Watch 2: Shops selling out of original smartwatch ahead of likely refresh

September 2, 2016


It’s time. A new Apple Watch is coming.

Apple is almost certain to release a new version of its smartwatchat it’s major event on 7 September. That looks even more certain after the watch began selling out across the world, likely indicating that Apple is getting ready for a refresh.

Supplies are running low of most versions of the Watch – both the normal steel version and the aluminium “Sport” one – and most models aren’t available to buy. That suggests that the new Watch could be unveiled fairly soon, since there is not usually a large gap between Apple restricting sales and the product actually going on sale, and it also suggests that Apple may stop selling at least some of the old watches.

There has been far less leaked ahead of the new version of the Apple Watch than there has been about the iPhone 7. But Apple is expected to focus on health applications with the new watch, which might include new sensors, a GPS to allow people to work out with just the watch on and still map their workouts, as well as a faster processor.

Some reports have suggested that Apple will release two versions of the wearable: an entirely new Apple Watch 2 alongside an updated version of the old one. That would lend credence to the idea of Apple dropping the old Watch, since it already sells many more versions of it than it does any other product.

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