Are you planning on upgrading to the Apple Watch 2?

August 5, 2016


It’s hard to believe that it’s already 2016, and Apple first introduced the Apple Watch, its “most personal device ever,” back in 2014. There was a long wait before future owners could get their hands on it, or the wearable strapped around their wrists, considering the company didn’t release it until April of 2015.

Which all boils down to this: It’s been over a year since Apple launched the Apple Watch, and all of its merry variants, and people are starting to expect a new device will be unveiled soon. Rumors suggest that while the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will take up the lion’s share of this September’s event, the Apple Watch 2 will probably make an appearance as well. (And maybe even a totally revamped MacBook Pro, too!)

As it stands right now, I can’t help but wonder if this year’s September iPhone event is going to be all that busy, or entertaining for that matter. We know they’re going to go over the iOS 10 features again, especially as they relate to the new iPhones, and Apple will have some things to talk about as far as new features for their new iPhones, but there probably won’t be a lot to talk about.

Which is why having more products on hand makes sense.

In the technology market, we’re accustomed to things being upgraded in a relatively quick fashion. Every year, mostly. The fact that Apple is waiting two years to announce the Apple Watch 2 is unprecedented, for better or worse, and it will be interesting to see how that carries over to upgrades. It’ll also be interesting to see if they wait to release it, too, so the Apple Watch 2 doesn’t start shipping until April 2017.

Whatever the case, it’s the upgrade part I’m most curious about. Recently we heard that the Apple Watch 2 probably won’t feature cellular connectivity, and I’m of the mind that I don’t really care about that. I don’t want to pay my carrier just so my wearable has a network connection, and I basically always have my phone on me, so that takes care of that.

Still, I can understand why a network connection would be an important feature for some. With word on the street that the Apple Watch 2 (just like the iPhone 7 compared to the iPhone 6/6s) will be a modest upgrade compared to its predecessor, I can’t help but wonder how many owners of the original wearable will be upgrading this year or next.

And maybe that’s why time is on Apple’s side here? If Apple’s second-generation wearable really is a modest upgrade, with built-in GPS baked in, a slightly better battery, and other minor alterations, is it a good thing that Apple waited almost a year and a half to announce it? If Apple doesn’t launch it until April of next year, a full two years after the first’s arrival, will that make it easier to upgrade for current Apple Watch owners?

Or will it not matter at all? We already know watchOS 3 is going to arrive for the original Apple Watch, bringing a whole host of new features, and while the Apple Watch 2 will probably get some specific new additions for the new hardware, upgrading might not be that essential for anyone who already owns an Apple Watch — no matter how long it’s been since it launched.

So I’m curious to hear from all the Apple Watch owners out there. Are you already planning on upgrading to the next iteration of the wearable whenever Apple gets around to announcing it? Or does it depend on what new features/design Apple brings to the table? Do you plan on keeping the original no matter what, and waiting for the third-generation device? Let me know!

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