Boiling an iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola, for science

December 9, 2014

In case you didn’t know: Destroying expensive things has become its own little subgenre on YouTube in recent years, and the iPhone is one of the gadgets that content creators absolutely love to torture in all kinds of, um, “interesting” ways. It’s been a while now since the iPhone 6 debuted, and it seems that the video makers are growing a bit desperate for new and unique ways to destroy it.

Here we have TechRax — one of the preeminent iPhone assassins on YouTube — firing up the stove for an iPhone 6 boiling test. But boiling an iPhone 6 in water is played out and has been done before, so TechRax decided to switch it up and swap the H2O for some Coca-Cola, because why not? As you can see above, the results are pretty much what you’d expect when you combine a smartphone, sugary water, and fire in a pan, which is to say it isn’t pretty.

By the end, the poor iPhone looks like it accidentally fell into some wet pavement, and a knife is employed to chip away at its thick sugary casing. It’s clear that the iPhone is pretty much trash at that point, but the video lacks a certain epicness that I expect from the destruction of an expensive gadget. How about for the next video the Coca-Cola finds its way back into the pantry and TechRax whips up some home-made napalm instead? Now that’s something I think we’d all enjoy.

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