Christoph Waltz gets goofily patriotic in Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 spot

August 30, 2016

He’s won a couple of Oscars, he’s worked with some of the best directors in the biz, and he’s even played a Bond villain. So, where does Christop Waltz go from here? Phone commercials, obviously. The acclaimed Inglourious Basterds actor has signed on with Samsung for a silly new ad touting the company’s eagerly anticipated Note 7

In the spot, Waltz actor praises/complains about the American work ethic, while multitasking through a series of increasingly ridiculous costumes, as a housewife, car sales, short-shorted child and track and field runner, before launching into a love fest for American ingenuity. An interesting creative choice for a team up between a South Korean company and an Austrian-German actor.

But hey, whatever it takes to put Christoph Waltz in a Lincoln costume is certainly worth the effort.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 3.29.12 PM

God bless America.

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