October 2, 2016


The tablet market is already overcrowded, but we are always searching the right device for you. When you are a Windows fan but you also enjoy in Android apps you are looking for something to support these two operating systems. Chuwi Hi8 Proincorporates both of them, and it is a fully functional tablet for your everyday usage. This tablet could be the next device you’ll fall in love with, so let’s get into the review. On the other hand we have Onda V820W, from a well know company for its tablets. V820W is also a dual boot tablet, with many characteristics similar to Hi8 Pro, so I guess there will be a hard comparison.



Chuwi Hi8 Pro has a premium, fancy look. It comes in an elegant white color. Made of polycarbonate; this device will be easy to clean. The interesting thing about this device is two unique metal portions on the sides, which are giving it a bit fancy and modern look. These parts are made for the device to survive accidental drops. It’s a great touch, by the way. You can attach an HDMI cable to TV screen or monitor if you want to create your private cinema at home. Onda V820w, on the other hand, comes with no charger included as the tablet is intended to sell worldwide. Either you use an existing one or grab a new 2A USB charger. It comes with screen protector pre-installed as bonus. As for the design, Onda V820w comes in clean white colour. Build quality is decent thanks to sturdy plastic back cover.

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Chuwi Hi8 Pro has an 8-inch capacitive IPS screen and provides a decent user experience considering video quality and Web surfing. The size of the screen will satisfy almost every user. IPS technology is frequently used now on the Asian markets because of its natural colors, and it practically substituted AMOLED in the recent times. The manufacturer also improved this model with higher resolution 1920 x 1200 WUXGA – FullHD. Chuwi Hi8 showcasing the display The important thing to mention is the sharpness of the display, backed with 283 ppi. The viewing angles are good and the display performance under direct sunlight is quite solid. Onda V820W is having a 8 inch 1280 x 800 pixels WUXGA, IPS screen. Resolution is smaller from Chuwi, when everything else is the same (screen size and technology).



Chuwi Hi8 Prois equipped with the 64-bit Quad-Core Intel X5 series processor, set at 1.44GHz, with boosting option up to 1.84GHz. For playing games, Chuwi Hi8 Pro is a decent, affordable solution. Intel HD Graphic Gen8 processor is in charge of the graphics-related tasks, and it provides fast and smooth performance. The processor used provides better performance and lower battery consumption, enabling more gameplay time for you. Combined with the 2 GB of RAM, you will have no trouble multitasking. But be sure that if you overload the system with bigger apps, lags are inevitable. Internal storage capacity is 32 GB with an option to expand with a TF card up to 64 GB.

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Onda V820w on the other hand, thanks to Intel Z3735F Quad Core 1.3GHz processor with Intel HD Graphic Gen7 GPU, everything is running smoothly no matter in office applications or 3D gaming. 2GB RAM let you multi-tasking easily. Yes, you will have around 1.4GB free RAM for Android and 1.1GB on Windows 10 usually. As for storage, 32GB ROM lets dual boot possible while still have enough disk space left for you to install more apps and games. What is the user usable disk space? Onda partitions 20GB for Windows and 10GB for Android. But you only get around 10GB usable on Windows and 7GB on Android right after factory data reset. It may not be enough for you to install lot of big size games at the same time but thankfully there is external SD card slot to expand the storage.

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Chuwi Hi8 Pro is powered by a 4000mAh battery, which can keep for a whole day of moderate usage. Knowing that the processor uses 20 % less battery power, you can enjoy a decent, near middle class performance, but don’t expect to last longer than a few hours of intensive use. If you like to watch your favorite movies all day long, recharging is a must.

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Onda V820w battery life is quite good also. Its 4200mAh battery manages to provide 3 to 5 hours screen time on. Of course, this will depend on what you do. Battery life will be shorter when running intensive 3D games. And longer while just surfing Internet or listening to music. As for charging, it takes around 3 hours and a half to fully charge.



Chuwi Hi8 Pro runs on both Windows 10 and Android 5.1, providing you a choice to change the OS anytime you like. This feature is a big plus, and pre-installed Windows 10 comes with the new Edge browser.

Onda V820W also works on dual boot with windows/android, but has installed Windows 10 and Android 4.4, instead of 5.1. Nevertheless, it works very good.

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Chuwi Hi8 Pro is a fully functional model for beginners. Supporting dual boot with windows 10+Android 5.1 and with a battery of 4000mAh, promises for very good gaming hours. Onda V820w is a budget tablet loaded with lot of interested stuffs. Dual OS (Windows + Android) support and can be turn into mini notebook with keyboard and mouse attached. Act as set-top box or game console via HDMI output. Also don’t forget that right now Chuwi is holding Chuwi 12th Anniversarygiving a lot of its models at a lower price.

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