Do you wear a smartwatch or fitness band?

July 26, 2016


Despite having a deep love for technology, especially new technology, there are certain things that have seen pretty solid adoption that I just can’t seem to get into. Most recently that’s things like tablets, and, perhaps even worse, is my lack of any kind of desire to keep a smartwatch or other wearable. It’s not just a new thing, either, cropping up in my old age. I never used to use Bluetooth headsets, despite the fact you’d see them all over the place 10 years ago or so. Just couldn’t do it.

I keep trying, though. Over and over again. Thankfully companies are upgrading devices on a pretty routine basis, throwing in new features that make the devices even more noteworthy than before. And more often than not I’m sitting there saying, “Okay, that’s a cool feature. I should give the [insert device here] another shot.”

When it comes to both tablets and wearables, it’s a short stay.

For tablets, it’s both a combination of my smartphone and my laptop. When I’m home, sitting on the couch away from the computer, I’m just accustomed to having my phoneright there. And no, I don’t use a phone that has a gigantic screen, so it isn’t that. I’m just used to using my phone, so having another device to do the same thing, albeit on a bigger screen, apparently isn’t enough to woo me. And when I’m not home, I’m more than okay bringing my laptop. It’s thin and lightweight — perfect for being mobile when I need to be.

For wearables, it has to be whittled down a bit more.

Smartwatches are just another screen for me to look at. I’m someone that has always worn a watch, mechanical or digital, and when smartwatches started taking off I thought it’d be perfect. But ultimately I discovered that I don’t need another device telling me I have an email, or text message, or incoming phone call. I honestly don’t see a difference in looking down at my watch when I have an email, versus looking at my phone. There isn’t one. And the truth is, ringtones and even vibration patterns make it so that I know when I’m getting a text message or phone call from someone I actually want to interact with. I don’t need a watch to help me with that.

And fitness wearables are just too late in the game for me at this point. My exercise routine is, well, routine, and I just haven’t found putting a wearable on my wrist all day, to count my steps, is something I don’t necessarily need. Plus, just having my phone on me does the steps counting, so that’s covered. And I definitely understand the perks of having one, with all the extra data — just not something I need.

This is probably the part where I should say smartwatches and fitness wearables can get off my lawn, but I still have hope that I’ll be won over eventually. And I am curious: Which one do you wear? Do you prefer a smartwatch, like the Apple Watch, that offers fitness-related features? Or do you prefer to pay a bit less and just go for the wearable that focuses entirely on fitness information? Let me know!

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