Goodbye To Holga

December 6, 2015


The Holga is a medium format mechanical toy camera that became a fan favorite when it was launched in 1981. Now, thirty-four years later, the company that currently makes the camera has closed up shop and has thrown away all of the tooling. “There is nothing available for sale,” said the manufacturer.

Freestyle Photograph Services announced the death in a blog post.

“Freestyle Photographic announced today that the factory that produces Holga Cameras has ceased operations and will no longer be producing these Cameras and accessories,” said the CEO Gerald H. Karmele. “Holga outlived many other cameras but, as like we have seen throughout the years, is yet another casualty of the digital age.”

The Holga was the original inexpensive plastic camera aimed at Chinese consumers. Upon launch, however, the company was quickly overturn by copycats and nearly went out of business until a cult following buoyed the product and turned it into a lo-fi alternative to high-end 35mm cameras. The Holga is known for its unique photo style including start contrasts and odd vignetting.

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