HTC 10 disappears from T-Mobile’s online store, but T-Mo says that it’ll return

August 4, 2016


Something strange has been going on with the HTC 10 lately. TmoNews reader Andy and Reddit user spartan_II_117 have been told that T-Mobile no longer sells the 10, and while T-Mo’s site showed it as being on back order earlier this week, it’s now completely gone. However, T-Mobile says that they haven’t stopped carrying the HTC 10.

I reached out to T-Mobile today and was told that T-Mo does still have inventory for online HTC 10 sales. Apparently a glitch caused the HTC 10 to disappear when T-Mobile was changing its status from being on back order, but the 10 should be back on the site in the next couple of days.

If you want an HTC 10 and don’t feel like waiting for it to reappear in T-Mobile’s online store, I’ve been told that you can order one from customer care or visit your local store and get one with direct ship. Another option is to buy direct from HTC, which sells an unlocked version that’s compatible with T-Mobile and is being discounted by $100 until July 31.

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