India’s largest mobile wallet app disappears from the App Store

December 25, 2016


With new users comes new responsibilities. India’s largest mobile wallet app is quickly realising this in both good and hard ways.

Paytm has delisted its iPhone and iPad apps on the Apple’s App Store after stumbling across bugs and other technical issues. The company says it has pushed an update for the app and is waiting for Apple to approve it.

The disappearance of Paytm app from the App Store comes hours after the service suffered from an outage Tuesday evening. The service was triggering issues for several users even today.

The move to delist the app from the App Store has puzzled many. All the updates pushed to iPhone and iPad apps require approval from Apple. But in the meanwhile, the old version of the app stays on the store.

“We have currently removed the app from the App Store to stop adding incremental new users to our existing base,” a Paytm spokeswoman said.

“Today we found a bug in our iOS App where certain app users were not able to pay thereby hanging their app. Soon the system logged them out preventing them from further accessing their account,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Paytm, which has over 170 million registered users, is working seamlessly on Android and Web platforms, the company assures. Paytm, much like other mobile wallet apps has seen unprecedented growth in the past 40 days.

India’s decision to invalidate much of its cash last month has left millions of its citizens with little to no choices. Many of them have resorted to mobile wallet apps and other epayment solutions to pay for their bills.

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