Is Google Building A Nexus Smartwatch?

July 26, 2016


Alongside its two rumoured new Nexus smartphones, Google might just be working on its own wrist-bound companions, with AI Assistant integration. Android Police has what it says is exclusive information on not one, but two, different Android Wear smartwatch projects going on at Mountain View.

The two smartwatches would be the new halo products for Google’s fast-evolving Android Wear wearable operating system, which we’ve loved in succession on the LG G Watch, the Moto 360 and most recently the Huawei Watch. Codenamed Angelfish and Swordfish, both will apparently have fully circular displays — no Moto flat tyre — but will differ in integrated features. You can read all about them on Android Police.

Angelfish, for example, will integrate GPS and a 4G modem, as well as a heart-rate monitor, making it a more useful standalone smartwatch and fitness tracker than the more pared-down Swordfish. It’ll also have three different buttons, marking it as an enthusiast smartwatch in the same way that watch enthusiasts pay more attention to the extra features of a chronograph. With a 43.5mm casing, it’s larger than most current Android Wear smartwatches but smaller than the top Moto 360 and Huawei Watch.

It’s likely that these watches will either debut alongside the upcoming Nexus refresh, or soon after. They sound pretty damn tempting, especially the hardcore GPS/4G variant. We learn this just after Motorola announced that its updated Moto 360 is coming to Australia at the end of next week, too. Game on.

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