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May 30, 2011

cool laptop gadgets
Image by DeclanTM
The notch where you put your finger to open the laptop.

TECH NOW: Best back to school gadgets

cool laptop gadgets
From lunchboxes to laptops, smartphones to smartpens, most parents like me are staring down at areally long back-to-school shopping list and feeling … pretty overwhelmed. When it comes to tech-ing our kids, how do we give them what they really need …

Gadget for Nerds
cool laptop gadgets
Image by Calsidyrose
I found this "Computer Humidity-Temperature calculator at the thrift store.

While I have had a lot of trouble with my current HP Pavilion Laptop overheating (causing the video driver to fail…not just once, but three times) I don’t know how to use this gadget to calculate my overheating risks. It just looks cool.

Somewhere I have a pica wheel that converts inches to picas, a unit used in typesetting back in the old, old days of the 1970s and 1980s. I do know how to use that because I worked for years as a copy editor.

Direct scan from my personal collection.

cool laptop gadgets
Image by jeroen_bennink
Coolest keyboard i’ve ever had

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