Microsoft has competition ChromeCast: to send content from PC to TV or android

November 7, 2014


In microsoft just launched the project that the company will launch in the coming weeks to compete with ChromeCast: a device that will connect to the PC (or compatible device Miracast) and the TV to send content from your computer to the television.

The Microsoft Display Adapter will be sold in October in the United States for nearly $ 60, being more simple in its essence as the ChromeCast.

What it does is show what we see on the monitor of the PC to the big screen, and it uses Miracast , P2P network of Wi-Fi Direct connections (similar to Bluetooth).


Thus it is not necessary that applications are compatible with the system (something did need to ChromeCast) because what we see is not the content of the application and all other computer screen.

They comment that also works with Windows 8.1 devices (including Surface and Surface Pro 2) and android 4.2.1 or higher devices. You can check here the official note .

We leave you with the video release:

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