Nvidia’s GTX 10-series notebooks deliver VR power on the go

August 30, 2016

Eventually, we’ll never leave our VR-enabled domiciles. But until that happens, we occasionally need to go outside – and Nvidia’s GeForce GT 10-series notebooks
mean that when you do, you can at least take VR with you.

The new 10-series GPUs for notebooks follow the 10-series desktop line launched earlier this year, which includes the GTX 1080
, the first card by the company to sport Pascal architecture. Pascal is designed with machine learning and AI applications, but also brings impressive graphical prowess to Nvidia’s GPU lineup. What’s notable here is that Nvidia isn’t created an M series from the 10 line – these are the 1060, 1070 and 1080 you already desperately want to put in your gaming rig, just included in notebooks instead.

Pascal is onboard for the 10-series mobile lineup, too, and offers up to three times the performance of its previous top of the line notebook cards, which should make dropping into VR with compatible headsets much easier. VRWorks tech from Nvidia, which gives developers access to APIs and libraries that enable more advanced and immersive VR experiences, are also supported by the new lineup.

You can pick up GTX 10-series notebooks from a range of OEMs and system builders, so your long nightmare of having to endure real reality when you travel or leave the house is nearing an end.

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