Our Alumnis speak for us

April 5, 2018

Look Forward is launching the 3rd promotion of incubation, best occasion to give a follow up on 3 of our alumni experience! We follow their progress closely, and no need to say they’ve made quite a few since they first arrived in our offices. But enough talking about us, it’s now time for them to give us some insights about their experience at Look Forward!


Our Alumnis speak for us
Vincent Deloffre and Tudor Gheorghiu, co-founders of AskAnna


AskAnna, start-up from our first promotion of incubation, is the app preventing any « fashion faux pas ». This fashion social network provides you with feedbacks from real influencers and stylists in a matter of seconds and a few clicks.


Vincent Deloffre, AskAnna co-founder, told us about how the year at Look Forward have marked a real twist for the company on different axis.


« We benefitted from a full access to Showroomprivé’s resources. We were attributed the company’s CTO as godfather, who helped us greatly on the IT development. We also got to share with people from marketing, the purchase department or also data analyst in house, whenever we needed to, and it allowed us to perfect our product and strategy.”


Ever since, the Media Group Jalou, publisher of l’Officiel, l’Optimum and Jalouse, invested more than 150,000€ in the application, now renamed AskJalouse, with more than 200,000 members. This merger seems to be an evidence since the magazine Jalouse and the app AskAnna both target young female millennials, fashion addicts and trend followers.


Our Alumnis speak for us
iPad device in store – Credit: AskAnna


Not only does the start-up operate in B2C, but it does in B2B too, under its original name. AskAnna tablets, available in fitting rooms, allow clients to clear any doubt that may arise by taking a picture, choosing a question, and getting advices from real stylists in less than 90 seconds. Vincent Deloffre recently told us that, after a conclusive experience in several Gémo stores, their solution will de expanded to 30 shops from January 2018 on. In fact, results have shown that, when used, AskAnna permits a transformation rate up to 78%, when it’s less than 55% for a regular try on.


« Being host at Showroomprivé allowed us to meet brands and corporates, to whom we would be introduced whenever they had a meeting at the company’s headquarters. Look Forward really creates a dynamic. Everything is made so that start-ups get the best conditions to grow their business, notably through valuable workshops, and a great network of clients and investors. »


Our Alumnis speak for us
Pauline Guesné, co-founder of INDUO®


Any news from INDUO® ? We met with Pauline Guesné, co-founder of the brand. As a reminder, the start-up from our 2nd promotion, created a stain and sweat resistant fabric, commercialized on the B2B market. On that particular matter, Pauline told us how their meeting with Thierry Petit, co-founder and CEO of Showroomprivé, made it clear they should operate in B2B rather than in B2C. The discussion had a tremendous effect on the company strategy and growth.


« Look Forward gives you access to high level experts, not only here to advise in a general manner, but also to really work closely with you on your project. It is a notable business, human and financial gain. »


Talking about finances, meeting with our Financial Director helped INDUO® finalize their Business Plan, and meet with several banks. Few months later, and with hard work, the startup was granted a €100k loan.


Our Alumnis speak for us
Credit: INDUO®


« Look Forward’s team helped us on a daily basis whether is be for business, for materials, or even when we just needed someone to cheer up! They are real professionals who do not take entrepreneurship for just an appealing concept. They do know your needs and the obstacles you’ll meet, but they are here to help on your project no matter what. The incubator is driven by a willingness to truly GIVE. This generosity is incredible. In business, you rarely get to meet people with the only objective of helping you. »


In fact, the incubator is totally free. The objective being to bring an operational follow up on the 3 domains we operate in : Fashion, Beauty and Home design. That way, we are able to answer to any need or problem that may arise in a smartly way. The access to Showroomprivé’s  resources, in Finances, translation, RH, communication, logistics, and so forth) is a true strength. We are glad to hear our alumni acknowledging so.


Pauline gave us some insights on how is the brand progressing lately : « At the moment, INDUO® got offices in Paris, Lille and London. We sell all over Europe and our turn over doubled. Look Forward definitely got us on track. »


We hope that INDUO®’s R&D teams will share some exciting news anytime soon!…


Our Alumnis speak for us

Our Alumnis speak for us


And we are ending with the start The Chatbot Factory, incubated as part of the 2nd promotion. The Chatbot Factory is a chatbot agency : they develop algorithms that automates part of interactions with clients : product recommandations, after-sales service treatment, communication…


Our Alumnis speak for us


The Chatbot Factory is a pioneer in its domain, and one of the leader on the chatbots market. Thomas Sabatier, CEO of the company, is a key figure in the chatbots ecosystem, he especially often participates in fairs, conferences and roundtables to share his vision on the matter. We came back with him on the year of incubation :

Our Alumnis speak for us


Entering Look Forward, is an opportunity to enter the retail sector by the main door. The synergies to expect out of it are multiples and generates a real profit in the development of an innovative entrepreneurial project. Being supported by a structure like Showroomprivé, and the access to all the resources mentioned, constitutes amazing “competitive advantages” for ambitious startups.


As of today, Thomas told us about a 150% increase in turnover from 2016 to 2017, together with a 30% growth in terms of human resources. Lately, The Chatbot Factory was rewarded of the Hub Award 2017 for its collaboration with Air France : no surprise there, since the startup operated is no less than 10 different sectors during the year 2017. And that’s only the beginning…


We would like to thank AskAnna, INDUO®  and The Chatbot Factory for getting back to us on their experience. We are glad to have been able to support them in their adventure, and are always happy to see them prosper. This third year of incubation will be full of renewal since Look Forward opens up to Beauty and Home & Design, and still has numerous surprises in stock for the next startups incubated! So, you are an innovative start-up in Fashion, Beauty or Home Design?


Applications to join our incubator are running until the 31st of October at this address.

For successful candidates, the adventure will start by the end of November. But who will that be? Stay tuned…

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