Sony Is Bringing Playstation-Exclusive Games Straight to Your PC This Fall

August 14, 2016


Soon, you’ll be able to play PlayStation-exclusive titles on a Windows PC, Sony announced today. In an interesting move, Sony announced its intention to bring its cloud-based, game streaming service, PlayStation Now, to Windows computers by this fall.

PlayStation Now has been around for a while, with support for the PlayStation 4, the PS Vita, and a handful of Smart TVs and Blu-ray players. For a subscription fee of $20 a month — or $45 for a three-month period — PlayStation Now gives players unlimited streaming access to a library of over 400 PS3 games.

This library includes popular titles such as God of War III, BioShock Infinite, and Assassin’s Creed III, among many others. So, in essence, it’s a Netflix-esque service, but for Sony-exclusive titles. And now, that library of games is coming to Windows PC — theoretically untethering the console-based games from having to be played on TVs.

Of course, there are still some issues with the service. Along with the somewhat steep price, Sony recommends a 5Mbps internet connection and a computer with at least a 3.5GHz processor. Along with that, you’ll need a Sony DualShock 4 controller to play PlayStation games on your Windows platform — so owners of Sony’s DualShock 3 controllers will need to upgrade. To go along with this requirement, Sony is also releasing a Wireless USB adapter — for $24.99 — that can connect a DualShock 4 controller to a Windows or Mac computer, the company said.

Speaking of Mac computers, Sony spokesperson Andrew Kelly said that the company is currently exploring PS Now-compatibility for Apple-based computers, but added that the company “has nothing to announce” on the subject — at least for now.

PlayStation Now for Windows should be launching in parts of Europe “soon,” the company said. And it’ll roll out in North America shortly after.

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