Sony PlayStation PS4 Slim and PS4 Neo event: Watch it live here

September 11, 2016


While many eyes will be focused on the iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 or any other new gear from Apple, gamers have an entirely different event to tune into on September 7. Sony is holding a press conference that’s just as light on official advance details as Apple’s is, although in both cases, we have a pretty good idea what to expect.

How to watch

Sony’s PlayStation event is happening in New York, at the PlayStation Theater in Times Square. It starts at 3 p.m. ET, which is noon PT. Yes, that’s the same day as Apple’s iPhone 7 event in San Francisco, although the Sony event starts two hours after Apple, which should give you ample time to watch both.

The PlayStation event will be streamed live on Twitch, the video broadcasting platform already built into the PS4 operating system, and we’ve embedded that Twitch channel here.

What to expect

The PlayStation VR headset is already dated for October 13, at $399 (£349 or AU$550), so don’t expect to see much more new information about that, aside from perhaps some new game announcements.

PS4 Slim

It seems much more likely that Sony will talk about either one or two new console hardware products. The first is a slim version of the current PlayStation 4 console. For the moment we’re calling it the PS4 Slim. This comes on the heels of the Xbox One S, itself a slim version of Microsoft’s Xbox One. It’s worth noting that both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 eventually begat slim versions after a couple of years. In fact, Sony also did slimmer versions of the PlayStation 2 and even the original model.

While the Xbox One S adds 4K video support and a couple of other new features, the leaked information to date about the PS4 Slim suggests it’s simply a smaller version of the original PS4. The PS4 Slim has already been spotted in the wild, and it looks as ifthere’s nothing much new about it, save a smaller footprint and modest controller differences.

PS4 Neo

There’s also a good chance Sony will talk about its next console, which is rumored to be an upgraded 1.5 version of the PS4. Similar to Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, this semi-new console, code-named Project Neo, will reportedly add a new processor and graphics chip to the basic PS4 hardware, allowing for better game visuals, better VR experiences and maybe even 4K support.

We’ll update this page with new information about the PS4 Slim, PlayStation Neo and other Sony news as it’s available. You’ll also be able to watch the live stream from right here during the press conference.

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