Supervan, a new way to deliver voluminous items

May 18, 2018

Meet Guillaume, founder and CEO of Supervan. Find out what he thinks about big ol’ couches, transportation, and that the future… is tomorrow!

Supervan, a new way to deliver voluminous items
Guillaume, the founder

What is the Supervan concept?

Supervan is an on-demand transportation for sizeable objects. In less than an hour, there is a van and a driver waiting for you on your doorstep. Just as easy as ordering an Uber!

We cater to professionals as an externalized delivery service, but also to individuals who use Supervan to bring home their new couch from the store they just bought it ­­—or pick it up from someone from Craig’s list’s house.


Tell us about you, and how you got here.

I went to business school (EDC Paris) where there is an adapted academic career for entrepreneur students. I also worked at Volkswagen (in sales) and General Motors (product marketing).

I launched Supervan when I was still a student two years ago. My schedule was adapted so that I could work on pre-launch operations. The actual launch occurred six months before I graduated.


How did you come up with the idea?

I had just bought a new couch from IKEA, and it didn’t fit in my car. I had two options:

  1. Delivery: a 10-day delay was too much, and being delivered between 8am and 6pm wasn’t even an option for me.
  2. Renting a utility vehicule: too much trouble! Rental inspections, leaving a deposit, driving myself…

None of these was fully satisfying.

That’s why today, we work hand in hand with retail to fit consumers’ expectations better. The problem is the same for hardware stores and construction materials distributors, for whom we provide delivery on construction site in less than two hours.


Where do you see Supervan in ten years?

I believe Supervan will be a key link in mobility strategies in urban areas. Transportation is changing right now; there is a big movement to optimize flows. I see us as a last mile delivery solution for voluminous objects, useful both to professionals and individuals. The idea is that the volume and size of the item should not be an obstacle to purchase anymore.

What we want is to increase the amount of work we do with mass-market retail. We want to grow alongside them.

We also want to create new habits and offer a new way of consumption that would maybe be easier for retailers, one that would be a growth lever for them and help them thrive in front of their e-commerce competition.


What is the transportation mode of the future?

Autonomous Supervans. And the future is tomorrow!


How does one make it in the transportation and shipping industry?

It’s an ever-changing industry where tech creates new opportunities. On the one hand we optimize and simplify the job for our partner drivers, and on the other hand we match customers’ new needs, that are bigger than ever regarding delivery time.

So, to answer your question: you need to innovate!


What is the hardest part of your business?

Definitely rush hours, when everyone wants a Supervan.

So, what does Supervan need?

We’re going to need money! We would like to have a bigger team. We will also need to invest in technology, and all of that will help us develop our service in new locations.


What is your greatest accomplishment so far?

We are very proud of joining Look Forward. Being mentored by Anne-Sophie Frenove, Europe Marketing Director at Air BnB, and being able to interact with Thierry Petit about our strategy is both a great opportunity and source of pride.


What does this year of incubation at Look Forward mean to you?

Look Forward is a team of specialists always ready to listen to us, an ecosystem and a network that help our company grow. Above all, it’s also a family.


We hope you enjoyed our time with Guillaume and his super insights! Find Supervan online on  twitterInstagramFacebook and of course their website!

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