The Cicret Smart Bracelet puts a touch-controlled projector on your arm. Move over Google Glass

November 27, 2014

The Circret Smart Bracelet, which appeared on Indiegogo not long ago, has now finished its campaign for funding. The result should be a bracelet wearable that can project a touch-controlled screen onto your arm.

The Circet uses a Pico projector to throw your mobile’s screen into your arm. It also features eight proximity sensors which the bracelet uses to detect your finger position so as to feedback controls. This means you can use your phone as you would normally, but all right there on your arm while the device itself sits in your pocket or bag.

Unlike other wearables this could offer the most comprehensive use of your phone without taking it out.

The Circet features its own processor, storage, vibration feedback, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as the sensors and projector. We have to wonder how long the battery on a device like this will actually last though.

The campaign for the bracelet finished on Indiegogo where it was going for $400, which is about £250. The campaign has now gone from the site along with the video where it says the company is “actually modifying a few things… so [will] be back soon.” The final product should sell for around $600 to $700 which is about £375 to £435.


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