The Submarine Re-imagined: The Ortega Mk. 1C Goes 310 Feet Deep

June 7, 2016


If you are of the few ones that fantasized about an expedition in a submarine. You can satisfied your urge of deep sea exploration and made your dreams come true with the Ortega Mk. 1C.


In addition to a magnificent design and highly advanced naval technologies that will keep you safe at any given moment, the Ortega Mk. 1C Submersible vessel will allow you to share the unique underwater experience with two of your friends.


A couple of high-power electric motors will get you going to depths of up to 310 feet below the surface. The equipment list includes a trimming tank, on-board breathing apparatus.


HUD navigation, Magnetometers, Sonar, a FLIR camera for the surface, silent rubber-mounted rotors, an extra air supply and extended cargo that can hold up to 450 liters.


But the the high framerate 3D Sonar System is what’s most interesting, as it efficiently resolves objects and environments and allows cruising in low- or no-lighting conditions. This cool underwater toy will come with a serious price-tag, somewhere between $250,000 and $500,000.


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