Top 10 Must Have Android Widgets : 2012 Part 1

April 10, 2014

Android Gadgets

Top 10 Must Have Android Widgets : 2012 Part 1

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Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Iphone ios5?

okay so im looking into switching my phone company but im not sure whether i want to go to AT&T for the iphone5 coming soon, or to a different company with a good Android phone for the new ice cream sandwich update.
my question is, if i get an android now, which has the gingerbread version, will i be able to update it to get the ice cream sandwich version? or will i have to buy a completely different phone that already has it?
and if thats the case, should i just wait until ice cream sandwich comes out?
also, what do you think is the better choice, androids or iphones?

android gadgets best answer:

Answer by cheezyboom101
you will stil be able to get ice cream sandwich if you buy a droid with gingerbread, you can update androids over 3G, don’t even have to put it in computer. as for android or iphone, that’s completely up to you.

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