Use a mouse on iPad without jailbreaking

April 4, 2017


The development team at DoBox wants to make your iPad even more useful. This wireless box will let you connect a mouse, a wired keyboard, or even a printer to your iOS device (or Mac) and let you turn your iPad into even more of a productivity workhorse.

Calling it the first wireless dock for iPhones, iPads and Macs, the DoBox team wants to give you two USB ports to let you connect hard drives, wired keyboards, mice and even printers. DoBox also has internal storage and a micro SDHC memory card reader, along with a battery build in to charge any device (including the iPhone or iPad you’re using, we’d assume, via USB.

DoBox will even have an HDMI port to let you stream your videos, games, or presentations to any HDMI projector or monitor, and they’re promising to let you use DoBox as a portable wireless router and secure private network.

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While most of us like to use our touchscreen devices with our fingers (which was the innovation in the first place) there are surely times we all can see the benefit of using a mouse to navigate around an iPad screen, connecting wired peripherals to our mobile devices, and adding more storage with an SDHC card.

We’ll keep an eye on this project (it should be coming to Kickstarter soon) as it develops.

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