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January 16, 2015


Now you can get loads of information about your favorite teams and players from a variety of social media sites without spending hours searching those sites individually. BreakingSports is a free universal app that requires iOS 7.0 or later. Once you register on the app you will be able to have hundreds of updates delivered directly to your device without doing any searching.

The app works with the four major American sports leagues, the NFL, MLB, the NBA, and the NHL. Users can select first which league they are interested in, then choose which teams you want to follow and finally the app provides a team roster and users can choose individual players and receive updates on them.


The app is always seeking out information on the social media sites from games, news conferences, or sports reporters comments. BreakingSports detects the items which match the users criterion and sends notifications right to the user’s device. The information covers game previews, roster moves, injuries, news alerts, line-up changes, rumors, and more. Once the game begins, users can choose to receive updated scores and injury updates throughout the game.


BreakingSports seems like a no-brainer for fantasy players. Now with this app you can follow each of the players on your team and get updated data on any injuries, whether they will be in or out of the line-up, and other team information that might impact your fantasy line-up.

In addition to stories and updates about your favorites the app provides users with a general news feed for each of the four leagues. These will keep users informed about all the activity taking place around the league and with other teams. So with one app users can be up to speed on all they need to know when talking sports with friends over a few cold ones.


I used the app for a couple of days and found a couple of shortcomings. First you can’t follow college football or basketball or any of the major soccer leagues such as MLS or the Premier League. I can understand college because of the huge number of teams and players but with soccer a growing interest in the US, it might be a good idea to add that sport in the future.

The other area users need to be aware of is the volume of notifications you will receive. I selected two teams and three players and my phone seemed like it was going off all the time. I can only imagine how many alerts i would have received if I had entered a ten or twelve man fantasy football roster.

It could be more than users want, but with all those alerts users should be assured BreakingSports is doing what it set out to do and that is bring loads of useful information directly to users devices.

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